Samstag, 22. November 2008

What is this blog about?

Today I will start my "Give the drummer some…" blog. This blog is about learning media such as Books with or without CDs, DVDs and all other kinds of learning resources for drummers and drum instructors. I will only discuss titles I have worked through thoroughly, so this brings some randomness into the contents of this blog (and it also puts some titles far into future - just think of Marco Minnemann's Extreme Interdependence book).

The basic idea of this blog is to provide you with some more in-depth reviews of instructional media than you normally can read in drum magazines. I will look at the titles both from the instructional designer's perspective (I am an educational researcher) and from an autodidactic learner's perspective. I will try to point out strengths and good ideas as well as weaknesses in the didactical design and the production values. I also try to sum up the most important points or offer some variations of the ideas presented in the book as well as to supply some add-ons to improve the title.

Hopefully my reviews are helpful to you as a reader and a fellow drummer. Please feel free to add your ideas to the titles I am reviewing or link to other interesting titles and resources.

The blog banner picture is a crop of a picture from 2_dogs on Flickr (Original picture on Flickr).